Terms Of Service

We don't tolerate disruptive behaviour and staff members may disconnect you, temporary ban or even permanently ban you from the network.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • DDoS attacks, hacking or proxies. Do not abuse Fewona IRC Network resources. Maximum 5 connections from one ip are allowed.
  • Flooding the servers, channels or its users, mass spam/invite and all kind of irrelevant promoting/advertising.
  • Hate speech, personal insults and harassment (sexual or racist).
  • Do not steal other users' nicknames or channels. You may register one account and up to 5 nicknames and channels to it. Account and Nickname registrations will automatically expire after a year of inactivity but you may extend it to three years with vacation option. Channel registrations will expire after 4 months or a year with vacation option. However note that we may manually drop nicks/chans after 30 days of inactivity.

Last but not least - always try to bring your sense of humour to any channel :) Have fun and remember not to take too seriously a virtual world of any kind.

What the Fewona Staff can *NOT* do?

  • Enter or see userlist of a channel in which they're banned, that is +i or +k without being invited or having the key
  • See +s channels
  • Change modes or give ops without having op in registered or unregistered channels with ops.
  • Use ChanServ commands that require more access than we have (except dropping unused channels after inactivity)
  • Tell you what XXXX's new nick is since they changed it to hide from you.
  • READ, FILTER OR MONITOR ANY PRIVATE MESSAGES OR CHANNELS (unless we are in the channel of course).
What can Fewona Staff do, but won't?
  • Disconnect (kill), ban (k-line) or freeze the nick of an user that has not violated the rules of the IRC Network.
  • Change NickServ accounts password unless requested via email by the user.
  • Op ourselves in an opless and unregistered channel unless we are required to fix previous ops and various conditions are met (but we will fix unregistered, opless channels very very rarely..
  • Give back 'stolen' nicknames or channels.
  • Drop nicknames or channels unless they are inactive for more than 30 days.
What Fewona Staff can do?
  • /squit a server, separating it from the rest of the net
  • /restart or /die our server
  • /kill a user, this disconnects them from the server they are on (used only when rules are violated).
  • Ban an IP Address, this bans them from our network (used only when rules are violated).
  • Drop a nickname or channel, this removes the registration (used only when the nick/chan is inactive for more than 30 days).
  • Change the password of User Account (used only when it is requested via email).
  • See all invisible users on our network
  • Mass Msg/CTCP/notice a hostmask or the entire network
  • See and send Operwall/wallops notices
  • See notices for flooding (i.e. when you mass flood someone in private or chan, we get flood notice 'Nick21 is flooding Nick55")

If you have any questions or suggestions, type /admin or /stats p for operator assistance or just /join #fewona and ask if no staff is available.